Alice Lahana is a french designer based in Paris. While studying at Ensba, she moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil and learned carpentry. On her return, fascinated by this craft, she followed a two years training and developed her own workshop. In a desire not to restrict herself to a single material, she experiments with plaster as well as wood, mirror, 3d print. She thinks of the object as a sculpture, explores its limits and shapes each of its features. This multidisciplinary approach is punctuated by a desire to create a dialogue between artisanal techniques and new technologies, composite materials and raw materials. Self-edited and self-made, each object is made in very small series in Paris and produced only on demand.

Alice lahana is also the founder of L’Observatoire, an online magazine and market place dedicated to emergent designers.

lives and works in Paris

born 1992

ensba graduate

contact: alicelahana@gmail.com

alicelahana.com – 2021